1st Anniversary - Gratefulness to all customers

Lash & Co Studio (formerly known as Kim’s Stylash) was established on September 9, 2016 under Ms. Kim’s guide. Before the decision of setting up Lash & Co, Kim had the thinking of choosing make-up career because it’s very necessary for today women generation, but with the fierce competition and continuously changing tendency, for an introvert like Kim, that’s quite hard to keep up. The idea of eyelash extension came suddenly when Kim was confused of which beauty category is the most attentive to all ladies. Like clothes, hair or skin? And yes, the eyes –the window to the soul.

Therefore, Kim determined to do eyelash extension and that decision opened up a whole new page to her. Kim had sought and investigated about eyelash extension for many years. She has faced many difficulties and challenges to keep up the shop until now. The most difficult question Kim always ask herself is how to attract customers and how to satisfy their needs. Obviously, “best service” is the final answer for all her questions, so she decided to move to current location.

More and more clever therapists are recruited, sufficient matter and facilities are also provided with the hope to bring our customers the professionalism and solace that they’ve never been experienced before. For Kim, it is the Customer’s safety to be our first and always priority. Thus, each of our products must be verified and imported from Korea or Japan which she had spent years to investigates these markets.

She is and always give her best efforts in order to find the best ones which have clear origin to serve her customers. It’s a great pride to say that Lash & Co has passed through a long process to be known and trusted by many of beloved ladies. However, with the passion and desire to bring beauty for many more customers, Kim did not stop but extend the field for many ladies in order to help them overcome their lives and develop the eyelash extension area as well. 

Hence, she has opened eyelash extension courses to influence learners with not only masterful techniques, soft skills but also meaningful lessons. In the whole process of training, each artist needs to practice on hundreds of real eyelashes and have to pass the exam for certificate to be a qualified artist.

And now, there are many generations of skilled and talented therapists who can stand on their own feet to serve customers with care and meticulousness or even to set up the business by themselves. We sincerely would like to express our appreciation and gratefulness to the largest contribution so far from our customers who are always trust and support Lash & Co Studio. They gave us compliments and honest feedbacks to help us keep up in the near future.

Lash & Co Studio is growing up day by day to be worthy with fondness and trust of customers. With the hope that we can bring beauty and satisfaction to many more ladies to make them feel confident about themselves and prove that they’re more gorgeous than their imagination. We would like to thank all of you, to make us such motivations and encouragements to help us develop stronger and stronger in the future.

❤️ Happy 1st Birthday to Lash & Co Studio ❤️




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