About Us

My Lash & Co story 

My name is Kim. I got married and moved to Singapore 10 years ago. Fresh off the boat from Vietnam, the first job I could think of was to be a chef and opened my own catering service.

After 5 years, my business earned me 5 digit revenue a month but both I and my husband had to work from 3-4 a.m. in the morning to 11 p.m. at night EVERY DAY!

Almost 3 years ago, I started my one-woman business venture again at 0. Within 1 year, I saved up to open my own 800 sqft salon in Clarke Quay with 10 workers.

+ I finally achieve financial freedom and personal freedom to take off from my work and travel at least once a month with my family.

+ I love to teach, share my skills, and empower other women, esp. those with the same background as mine. To this date, I have trained 100+ students/employees, who graduated to open their own salons or their home-based businesses.

I can roughly break down to you the difference between these 2 business models 

F&B Business

Beauty Business

- Starting cost from 200k (Food stalls) - to millions

- Fitting, registering for multiple licenses, preparation: 2-3 months. 

- Usually have high GTO, you HAVE to open everyday 

- Maximum margin: 30% because your landlord will take 25% GTO and leave you little amount

- Need to be at area with high foot traffic

- Heavy workforce, 20+ employees to achieve 100k/ month (if you are lucky!) 

 - Starting cost from 0 (home-based) to less than 70k

- Fitting, preparation: 2-4 weeks. Luckily, less complex regulations

- Usually don't have GTO, you can happily close for vacations

- High margin: 50+% (when you reach mid 5 digits revenue). Find out more from our courses.

- Can use FB, IG ads to get traffic

- Light workforce, 5-7 employees to achieve 100k sales a month 


At Lash & Co, we are passionate about quality and YOU! 



Sharing is caring. We have courses starting from 3 days onward.
Also have short course in 1 day if you would like to take lash extension as a hobby or give a try for your self before invest your time for new career.

We provide such as:
▪1 day classic 1D course
▪1 day volume 4D course
▪3 days basic from Japan to Taiwan technique
▪3 days advance from 3D to 6D technique
▪5 days full course from 1D to 6D
▪6 days professional course. Train you as an experienced therapist
▪ 1 day mega volume
▪1 day salon lash
▪1 day lash design
▪5 days master course