Lash & Co Academy

Why you should start a Lash business! 


While nails, make-up, hair, and permanent make up have existed much longer than eyelash extension, becoming an eyelash artist to begin my career is one of the best decision I have made in my life. 

Here are a couple reason why:



- Starting cost for home based business


- Learning/Practicing


- Clients visit frequency


 - Average spend per customer


 - Nail: 15k, Hair: 30k, Permanent Make Up: 20k, Make up: 7k, Eyelash: 2k (Lash & Co course include inventory for 50 clients)

- Nail: 2 months , Hair:  3-6 months, Permanent Make Up: 2 weeks, Make up: 1 months, Eyelash: 5 days

- Nail: once a month, Hair: Once every 2 months, Permanent make-up: one time, Eyelash: every 2 weeks

- Nail: $60, Hair: $120, Permanent make-up: $600, Eyelash: $200 






How to sign up for courses?


👉Flexible Afternoon &!Night time classes for working professionals who want to be entrepreneurs. 
•10.30am to 4.30pm
•5.30pm to 9.30pm

📌Inbox our fanpage:

☎️Call us for more details: +65 6909 3809

Location: Riverside Point Mall #02-28 (Clarke Quay Mrt / Fort Canning Mrt) 

We provide flexible classes for you to move from basic to advance and full professional 

1 day classic 1D

Fee $500 from 11am to 6pm,

Learn Japan technique, remove, refill. Course includes:

1.Full equipment



1 day volume 4D

Fee $950 from 11am to 6pm,

Learn Russia Volume tech, quick fanning. Course includes:

1.Full equipment

3 days basic course

Fee: $1800, 3 days continue from 11am to 6pm includes 1D Japanese and 2D Taiwanese technique. You will learn Dolly, Sexy, Gorgeous style. You will learn about removal, refill, consultant. Course included equipment to lash on for 50pax.
1 day theory, and 2 days lash on 4 real models


2 days advance course

Fee: $2600 from 3D to 6D. Course included equipment to lash on for 50pax. 1 day theory, and 1 days lash on 2 real models

5 days full course from 1D to 6D Full course

Fee: $4000. Basic + Advance only .Learn from 1D to 6D (plus free 6 real models)
Equipment to lash on for 100pax

6 days professional course

Fee: $5000. From basic to advance 6 days. Learn from 1D to 6D colour lash + lower lash (plus free 8 real models). Equipment for 120pax.



Fee: $1600. 1 day from 11am to 6pm includes:
1. Equipment
2. Certificate
3. Model

Salon (Retrain)

Fee : $1000. 1day from 11am to 6pm includes
For those who already learn before but have problems with lasting and speed.

Design 1day from 11am to 6pm includes Lash Design

Fee: $2000. 1 day. In depth design up to the latest trends (K-Kim, Camellia, Hybrid, Ombre). Learn on how to fix thin lashes, lash revitalisation, lash damaged by clusters. 


Fee $4000. After take course will be able to conduct work shop , coaching student. Student kit supply from us. Life time support.